U6 League

U6 League

The Under 6 (U6) division is for players who turn 5 or 6 this calendar year. This is a co-ed division. Each team is assigned a “home field” where practices are held once per week. Games are played once per week at various fields in the Lambeth area.

Once teams are created, your home fields and schedule for game play will be provided to you.

Useful information:

  1. Players will be provided with team shirts, soccer socks and shorts thanks to the sponsorship of Tim Hortons.  It is the parent’s responsibility to provide proper soccer shoes and shin pads.  Shin pads MUST be worn.
  2. Each child’s family is responsible for providing snack during the season.  A snack schedule will be provided. If you are unable to make your assigned time it is your responsibility to arrange to change.  Also note that some of our children have severe allergies to nuts and other foods.  Teams will be made aware of any allergies disclosed to LYS.  Please ensure that you are cognizant of these allergies when preparing your snack.
  3. We have worked very hard to balance the teams by gender & age.  We have also spoken to the coaches about the importance of instilling the values of teamwork and fair play during the season.  Please reiterate this message when cheering for your child.  We want to ensure a successful season for all players-regardless of experience or ability.  Each player is entitled to equal playing time to develop their skills, and coaches have been asked to ensure this happens.
  4. In the past, we have had some wonderful parents step forward to volunteer their time to ensure the teams have coaches.  We hope this year will be no exception. If you are able to coach, please click here.
  5. If at any time during the season you have questions or comments regarding the Under 6 division, please contact your coaches or email your convenor.
  6. Weather is a difficult component of scheduling.  The simplest rule is that soccer is played rain or shine! Games cannot be played in thunder and lightning or during a heat advisory.

For the dates and times this division plays, please visit the registration page.