U4 League


The Under 4 (U4) soccer league is for players who turn 4 this calendar year. Players meet weekly for 50-minute sessions. The first part of the session involves introducing soccer “skills and drills”, followed by a game. Parents do not participate on the field in U4 soccer.

U4 soccer will be played at Hamlyn Field (9:00-9:50) and at Lambeth Community Centre (10:00-10:50). Please note that if you have children in both U3 and U4, your field assignment will be Lambeth Community Centre.

Useful information:

  1. Tim Hortons, our U4 sponsor, provides all players with a jersey and soccer socks. These items will be distributed on the first day of U4 soccer. Players need to wear shorts or loose-fitting pants and athletic shoes. Cleats and shin pads are optional for this age group.
  2. This is the first year of game play for players. LYS U4 soccer is a “for fun” league where players are encouraged to do their best. Scoring on any net is a reason to cheer! U4 teams do not play with goalies but are encouraged to use their developing skills of passing, dribbling, and striking the ball during game play.
  3. Snack time takes place mid-way though each session. Snack is provided each week by a different player’s parent. Snack suggestions include fresh fruit, frozen yogurt tubes, nut-free granola bars, and other healthy snacks. Please take into consideration any food allergies on your team.
  4. Games are played, rain or shine, as long as there is no thunder and lightning or heat advisory in effect. Cancellation information will be sent to your contact email address.

For the dates and times this division plays, please visit the registration page.

*Players who turn three this calendar year may choose to join this division if they are able to engage in game play on the field without parent participation. Parents are not permitted on the field in U4 soccer. The U3 and U4 divisions are very popular and changing divisions will not be possible once the season begins.